Oil for the Chain, by Shannon Heaton - Book & CD

Oil for the Chain, by Shannon Heaton - Book & CD

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Not just an ordinary tune book - each set of tunes is preceded by Shannon's playing tips, encouragement and stories. A great primer for those about to play in sessions and a great source of inspiration for the seasoned player.

It was Shannon Heaton that first inspired Whistle & Drum's founder, Blayne Chastain to take up the tin whistle and Irish flute and after checking out Oil for the Chain, you'll appreciate why (sound sample below). This book is one that Blayne always keeps in his bag (along with June McCormack's Fliúit) as a continued source of inspiration.

Tunes Include in Book & CD:

  1. The High Part of the Road & The Hag with the Money
  2. The Maid Behind the Bar & The Bird in the Bush
  3. The Star of Munster & The Black-Haired Lass
  4. Jackson's Morning Brush & Tell Her I Am
  5. Poll Ha'Penny
  6. Winnie Hayes' Jig & Trip to Athlone
  7. The Sailor on the Rock & The Ashplant
  8. The Kilavil & O'Brien from Newtown
  9. The Wind that Shakes the Barley & The Sunny Banks
  10. The Otter's Holt & Michal Creamer's
  11. The Hare's Paw & The Drummond Lasses
  12. Cronin's Hornpipe
  13. Kitty Gone a-Milkin' & The Skylark
  14. Wheels of the World & The Traveller
  15. The Lilting Banshee & The Stone Step
  16. O'Neill's Favorite17 The Anniversary Reel
  17. Redwoods in Winter & The Small Girl
  18. Nor'easter Hornpipe & Saturday's Soup
  19. Three Days to Go & Brad's Bees
  20. Knit the Collar & Frame the Cat
  21. Winter in Craughwell
  22. Marching to Crystal Lake
  23. F-Stop & Waiting for the Gas Man
  24. Feast for a King & Astor's Box
  25. Alternate Routes & Under the Festival Tent
  26. The Shady Spot
  27. Belle of the South Shore
  28. Sailing Down Fulton Street & Oil for the Chain
  29. Government Center & Two-Mile Loop
  30. Lemony Lullaby & The Lucky Dozen