Copley & Boegli Keyless African Blackwood Irish Flutes
Copley & Boegli Keyless African Blackwood Irish Flutes
Copley & Boegli Keyless African Blackwood Irish Flutes
Copley & Boegli Keyless African Blackwood Irish Flutes

Copley & Boegli Keyless African Blackwood Irish Flutes

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Copley & Boegli Keyless African Blackwood Irish Flutes are currently available through Irish Flute Store in a two-piece "Rudall & Rose" style flute complete with sterling silver tuning slide in the key of D and in a one-piece "Pratten" style flute in the key of D without a tuning slide. Copley & Boegli flutes can be ordered in keys of C, Eb, F, and G in either the Pratten or Rudall & Rose styles. Please inquire about availability and shipping for full models or bodies and other available wood types.

African Blackwood Irish Flutes by Copley & Boegli ships in a hard shelled carrying case and includes a humidor, cork grease, and proper care instructions.

The Copley & Boegli African Blackwood Irish flute is a "simple system" flute with a tapored bore based on early 1800's England made flutes such as those created by Hawkes and Son of London. The standard D flute is tuned to A440 and may include a tuning slide to account for weather changes and playing style. These flutes are currently available in the key of D in either the "Pratten" one-pieceor classic "Rudall & Rose" two-piece styles.

Materials and Availability

Dave Copley and Marlene Boegli offer several wood types for their hand-made wooden flutes, but their material of choice remains African Blackwood due to its hardness, moisture resistance, and naturally deep and resonant sound quality. This type of wood is currently easy to obtain and keeps costs low, however Dave and Marlene may be able to make flutes special order from different wood types such as Cocus wood, Mopane, Boxwood, or Pink Ivory. All flutes are available with cork lined joints

Currently Cocus wood may be available as a substitute for African Blackwood at an added cost of $400. Please inquire about availability.

Tuning Slides and Rings

The standard Copley & Boegli wooden flute includes a fully metal lined head and barrel joint that form the tuning slide. The metal is typically made of sterling silver, but can be lined with nickel silver inside the head joint as a lower-cost option. Substituting nickel silver for sterling silver does not affect playability, but does require more work and attention to maintain its appearance. Note: Pratten style Blackwood flutes are not currently available with tuning slides

Each Copley & Boegli wooden Irish flute joint is fitted with sterling silver rings for reinforcement and to prevent against stress cracks. Rings made from faux Ivory may also be available in place of sterling silver as a special order option.

About Dave Copley & Marlene Boegli

Born in England, Dave Copley spent a good deal of his life pursuing an engineering career, working first for Rolls Royce and then with General Electric improving the reliability of aircraft engines. He has published several technical article on the use of acoustics to test advanced materials, and continues to participate in some consulting work in that field today.

Upon moving to the United States in 1979, Dave developed an increased love of Irish music and enthusiastically took up both the tin whistle and the Irish flute. He is currently a member of the band Ceol Mor and is a regular at music sessions held at the Dubliner and Hap's in Cincinnati.

Dave Copley began flute making as a hobby and quickly found that his extensive knowledge and experience in music, acoustics, and engineering was a perfect mix for creating beautiful hand-made flutes.

Marlene Boegli studied as a silversmith and a jewelry maker, and currently specializes in precision metalworking for the flutes that Dave Copley designs and creates. Together, Dave and Marlene have advanced their flute designs and manufacturing techniques to allow them to produce their amazing instruments for sale around the world.