Flute Maker Profile: Geoffery Ellis

Blayne Chastain |

I'm honored to be the subject of a "micro-documentary" by multi-talented film maker Blayne Chastain, who also composed and performed original music for the film using one of my Essential Flutes (the same flute that I'm making in the video, actually!). This film is an artistic snapshot of my flute making process for all of you who have wondered what goes on in the workshop :-) Thank you Blayne for this amazing piece of work! (Hint: increase the video quality in your settings to HD!)

Posted by Geoffrey Ellis Flutes on Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Last fall, I spent a week with flute maker Geoffery Ellis at his home & shop in Northern California.  It was great to finally visit in person after many years of great phone conversations on the finer points of flute making & playing.  

After a few days of testing out his new Essential Flutes (and soon to be released Ebonite Pratten! shhhh :), I thought it might be fun to make a little film on Geoffery to help further introduce himself and his flutes to the world - more specifically to the trad Irish world as many know him for his work with other world flutes and wooden Boehm head joints.

In the film above, you'll see Geoffery make one of his new Essential Flutes which feature an internal tapered head bore.  The underlying score features that same flute (low C) played by yours truly :)



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