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Matt & Shannon Heaton - Lovers' Well (CD)

Matt & Shannon Heaton - Lovers' Well (CD)

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Traditional love songs and tunes, produced by Eric Merrill. With special guests: Nic Gareiss, Dan Gurney, Kieran Jordan and Keith Murphy.

Track Listing:

  1. Lily of the West (song)
  2. Where the Moorcock's Crow (song)
  3. Brad's Honeybees (reels)
  4. Lover's Lament (song)
  5. Bay of Biscay (song)
  6. New Married Couple (jigs)
  7. Lao Dueng Duen (song)
  8. Golden Glove (song)
  9. Mountain Rambler (reels)
  10. Midnight Sojourn (waltz)
  11. Lady Fair (song)
  12. First Date (slip jigs)
  13. Botony Bay (song)
  14. Poll Halfpenny (hornpipes)