CITES Info & Status

African Blackwood and all Rosewoods were recently classified under CITES (The Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna ) to protect these species from illegal harvesting and transport. Under the rules, you are allowed to travel with your flute as a personal item across international boundaries without any need for CITES permits or documentation. If you are ordering a flute from outside the United States, the seller is required to include with the export documentation a copy of their permits issued by the US Department of Agriculture and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Our certificate application is still under review though it should be approved soon.  As such, many of the used instruments that we carry are not currently able to be exported.  If there is a used Blackwood/Rosewood (or related Dalbergia species) instrument that you would like to purchase, please contact us to discuss.

Most of the new flutes and whistles that we carry are able to be shipped internationally as they are either not made from Blackwood/Rosewood (or related Dalbergia species) or the makers have their permits in place (Burns/Copley).  Busman & Milligan whistles are available in non blackwood/rosewood variants.