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Plus 3.0 Active Humidifier

Plus 3.0 Active Humidifier

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The Plus 3.0 active humidifier by Cigar Oasis takes all the worry and fuss out of storing and maintaining your wooden flutes & whistles. Perfect for cabinets from 4 to 10 cubic feet (think larger mini-fridge).

Like all Cigar Oasis humidifiers, the Plus 3.0 comes preset to 70% RH but can be set easily to your preferred humidity level (we recommend 55%). The sensor constantly monitors the humidity which then activates the fan as needed to circulate moisture evenly keeping your flutes & whistles healthy & happy!

  • Pre-treated water cartridge requires distilled water only (approx. 2-4 months for refiling)
  • Powered by a thin but durable electronic ribbon cable
  • Large backlit display with live humidity & temperature readings
  • Soft to the touch sensor buttons to adjust your humidity set point
  • Built-in Wi-Fi capability for optional use with the Cigar Oasis SmartHumidor™ IOS & Android app
  • Suitable for spaces from 4 to 10 cubic feet (think large drawer to small mini fridge)
  • Dimensions: 6” x 2" x 3.5”