Freeman Tweaked Low G
Freeman Tweaked Low G

Freeman Tweaked Low G


Condition: Good.  Does have a slight crease in the tubing (pictured) which does not affect playability/tone.

From Jerry:

Generation doesn't manufacture a key of G whistle; however, I am able to create a true classic Generation voiced whistle using a tweaked Generation whistle head and a tone body of my own making. This is a superb whistle, loved by some of the most highly regarded Irish performers and recording artists, including several All Ireland champions.

About Freeman Tweaked Generations ...

Generations have long been considered the standard whistle for Irish traditional music. However, they are inexpensively mass produced, and there are issues both with variability from one to the next, and with details that are compromised due to injection molding’s limitations.

Further, in the early 1980’s, Generation replaced their old injection molding tooling, and the voicing changed somewhat. The vintage, pre-1980’s voicing is considered superior, and existing examples of good pre-1980’s Generations are sought after and prized.

It’s been the habit of devoted players to routinely try every Generation whistle in every music store they visit hoping to find that once-in-decades “perfect” Generation. Similarly, there has been a long tradition of tweaking to correct the shortcomings and optimize the voicing and handling.

Freeman tweaked Generations are expertly adjusted to produce a remarkably clean playing, beautiful sounding, well in tune instrument that’s well balanced throughout both registers.

They are voiced to match the sought after pre-1980’s voicing, which is a little sweeter/purer than current Generations, but with more complexity/reediness than a Freeman Mellow Dog or Blackbird.

Freeman tweaked Generations are fully tunable, with the whistlehead moveable on the tonebody to raise or lower the pitch as needed.

Tweaked Generations are available in brass or nickel plate in the keys of high G, high F, Bb, alto A and tenor G.