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O Briain Improved Feadog / Generation Hybrid, High Eb

O Briain Improved Feadog / Generation Hybrid, High Eb

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This tin whistle, tweaked by Cillian and Bríd Ó Briain of Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland is a Frankensteinian (think Frankenstein) combination of a tweaked Feadóg mouthpiece with a Generation brass Eb body. The end result is a firecracker of a whistle that is very responsive when winding up on dance tunes and is handy for Eb sessions. Recommended for those looking for a simple, no fuss tin whistle that is quiet to moderate, well in tune, requires little air and sings clearly.

About Cillian Ó Briain

Cillian O'BriainCillian Ó Briain of Dingle, County Kerry is one of the most respected uilleann pipe makers in Ireland. His current waiting list for a set of pipes spans about 6-8 years and once they’re ready you’ll need to shell out about $10,000! If you’ve heard his pipes you know that they are well worth the investment. The same is true of his tweaked whistles but you’ll pay a whole lot less! Somehow, even with his full schedule, he with the help of his wife Bríd manages to supply us with these lovely little gems, for which the tin whistling world rejoices!