O'Riordan Traveler Set
O'Riordan Traveler Set

O'Riordan Traveler Set

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Excellent Condition

Pitches Included (Highest to Lowest):

  • High E: $1200
  • High "Soprano" D: $1400
  • High C: $1300
  • High Bb: $1400
  • High A: $1400
  • Low G: $1500

Total Current Market Value: $8200 / Package Set Price: $6999.99

A very rare collection of O'Riordan Travelers indeed! Our consignor is offering the High E for free if the collection sells together as a set as that particular whistle was given to him as a gift.  As such, these whistles are initially being offered together.  If not sold in the next few weeks, he may decide to have them listed individually, in which case, all proceeds from the High E whistle will go to charity.

You may have seen that a single High D traveler like the one in this set recently sold for ~$2700 on eBay!  

"I've played through the entire set and these all play as you'd expect from an O'Riordan - gorgeous glistening tone, great response and intonation." - Blayne

Note: Shipping may have to be adjusted plus/minus (due to high value) based on actual shipping/insurance cost to destination post sale.