Somers 5-Piece Delrin Pratten

Somers 5-Piece Delrin Pratten


Excellent Condition.


These beautifully crafted flutes are well known for their large tone holes and greater volume than many Irish flutes, including Garry Somers' Rudall & Rose model.The 5 piece Pratten model is the perfect instrument for larger sessions and those who may enjoy louder volume.

Here's what Blayne Chastain, founder of Whistle and Drum, has to say about Garry Somers' flutes:

"These flutes are not just good for the money, but they are some of the best flutes I've ever played. They give even my own flutes a run for their money."

The Pratten model is based on a flute that was originally produced beginning in the late 1860's according to Garry Somers. This model is favored in Irish music due to its great volume, which easily cuts through in a large session. This flute is wonderful for producing loud and even tones.

The Pratten is made of delrin and has a larger bore than many other flutes in production. Each joint is outfitted with nickel-plated brass rings and the head joint possesses a delrin endcap over a white delrin stopper.

"Blayne, just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how pleased I am with the Gary Somers Pratten flute. The sounds is very deep and rich with that real reedy tone. It can be quite loud when that’s wanted but can be played more softly without losing sound quality and doesn’t overwhelm other instruments, such as harp, on O’Carolan tunes. I’m really enjoying it, thanks!" - Jim Tolstrup