Susato Kildare, L Series, Low D

Susato Kildare, L Series, Low D


Susato Kildare Pennywhistles are tunable and available in 19 different pitches from High G to Low C.

Kildare Specific Features:

  • Tunable (important when playing with others)
  • Tapered bore (improves playability)
  • Available in multi-pitched sets that share a common mouthpiece. Currently sets are "made to order" so there may be some additional processing time before shipment.
  • Additional bodies and mouthpieces available for purchase separately.
  • Includes fingering chart, thumbrest, joint grease and protective vinyl pouch.
  • Affordably Priced

Features Standard on All Susato Pennywhistles:

  • Constructed entirely from a series of injected molded ABS plastic parts, which are either CNC milled or turned for final modifications (such as the milling of tone holes) all to tolerances within 1/1000th of an inch. ABS Plastic is an ideal material for wind instruments as it is a poor heat conductor, ensuring stable pitch, and is impervious to moisture.
  • Curved windway and labium enhance playability and tone.
  • Ergonomic oval tone holes used where they are easier to seal than round ones.
  • Certain pitches (High Eb, High D, Bb and Low F) are available in two different bore sizes. (See “A Note on Bore Sizes ” Below)
  • Keys available on lower pitched whistles for easier reach. (See “A Note on Keys” Below)