WD Sweet Black Pearl High D

WD Sweet Black Pearl High D


Excellent Condition

A great opportunity to get a now discontinued instrument!

WD Sweet's Description:

The Black Pearl is made of black polymer and pitched in the key of high D (soprano voice). It features a conical bore and profiled, undercut tone holes to bring out rich harmonics for free speaking, easy playing and robustness. Ornamentation is crisp with ample "chiff" for that familiar pennywhistle presence. Has excellent harmonic alignment (octave registration) and an accurate scale on A=440. For a traditional sound, "BLACK PEARL" has won the favor of Irish musicians at every level.

The player can easily tune this 2-piece instrument by moving the slender tenon that slides in the head's internal o-rings (while other o-rings serve as tuning spacers). The curved windway tends to shed moisture and reduce the chance of clogging. Backpressure is moderate, and the response is balanced throughout the compass (with resonant lows and gentle highs). Transitions are easy, smooth and stable. The head, block and body are machined in acetal (like Delrin); this material was chosen for performance, satisfaction, a beautiful finish, low maintenance, durability and affordability. The finger holes are evenly spaced for the comfort of all players, especially those with large fingers. Laser engraving complements the fine workmanship. Lengths are 5.1" (head) and 7.7" (body) or 11.8" assembled (130, 196 and 300mm respectively).